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An Embedded Generator is a device that converts a form of energy (such as wind, solar etc) into electricity and is connected to our network. This generated electricity can then be used to power a home, while any excess is exported onto our network.

A Micro Embedded Generator is a sub-classification of Embedded Generator. Most residential solar and battery applications fall into the Micro Embedded Generator category. Any application which does not meet the Micro Embedded Generation criteria will be assessed under the Embedded Generation process.

To help clarify these definitions, we have provided a comparison in the table below. Please note that we don’t provide standard connection services (as defined in the NER) for any generation connection.

Basic Micro Embedded GenerationNegotiated Embedded Generation
Energy SourceTypically solar, but other sources such as battery, wind, fuel cell, etc.Fossil fuel, solar, hydro, wind, battery, etc
Generator TypeAS4777 compliant inverterFor inverter-based LV generation up to 200kVA, AS4777 compliant inverters are required. All other generator types are subject to negotiation with UE.
Total Capacity on premises (kVA)Up to the maximum rating of the main circuit breaker and total capacity of ≤ 30kVADependent of network constraints at point of connection
Export limit (kW)10kW/phase for all other connections. 5kW/phase for SWER connectionsDependent on network constraints at point of connection
Connection ServiceBasic ConnectionNegotiated Connection
Example ConnectionsResidential Solar/BatteryCommercial Scale Solar
Technical RequirementsRefer to MSO (document below)Visit our Negotiated EG Connections webpage (link below)
How to applyGo to Basic Connections (link below)Visit our Negotiated EG Connections webpage (link below)
Application processRefer to UE-PR-2008 (document below)Refer to UE-PR-2008 (document below)


MSO for Basic Connection with Micro Embedded Generation

Apply for this if you're connecting a solar system (or another type of embedded generator) that is max 10 kW a phase.


Solar installers

Solar installers

Developers and builders

Developers and builders