Suppliers and contractors


Suppliers and contractors

Small, medium and large organisations are all eligible to become suppliers of United Energy.

Registering your company details doesn’t pre-qualify you as a United Energy supplier or guarantee that you will be contacted by our procurement team to tender for goods and/or services.

However, it will make us aware of your stated ability to supply and will provide us the information needed to form an initial assessment of your capabilities. If you would like more information to be considered as a possible supplier to United Energy, please contact us.

Click here to visit our Supplier Portal and register your details with us.

Supplier procedures, terms and conditions

We undertake a comprehensive assessment process before awarding any supplier with a United Energy contract. This includes background checks on current and past financial positions, as well as QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental) standards and policies. It also includes checking customer references.

When new products or services are identified, or when an existing contract is to be re-offered, we initiate a procurement process within a prescribed framework. If you submit a tender, you will be notified by United Energy Procurement regarding your success during the process.

As a large organisation with a wide range of business units, we have a number of different terms and conditions for the procurement of goods and services. Click here to read the minimum Purchase Order Terms and Conditions we operate under.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We are committed to ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement.
We view our suppliers as partners, and care about the way they do business when providing goods or services to us or on behalf of us.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines ethical standards in behaviour that our suppliers, as partners, will aim to meet when conducting business with us. Click here to view our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Service Installation Rules

Victoria Service and Installations Rules provide standards for distributors, such as United Energy and other service providers. These rules, set by the Victoria Service Installation Rules Management Committee, help us to comply with our regulatory obligations.

To comply with our regulations, we need our suppliers to observe these important rules. If you’d like a hard copy of the Service Installation Rules, you can call Information Victoria on 1300 366 356. The rules are also available from contractor and inspection organisations and from most electrical wholesalers.

Our suppliers and contractors must also observe the requirements we’ve set for Interval Meter Installations, along with the Victorian Service and Installation Rules. More information is available through:

  • ESI Worker – a competency management program for electricity supply industry workers.
  • VESI Skills and Training – a training information portal for all VESI employers and employees.

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