Facilities Access Agreements

We support our telecommunications, local council, emergency services and infrastructure industry partners by providing leased space for their equipment on our distribution poles.

We currently provide leased space on distribution poles for:

  • Telecommunications Cables (FIBRE/ PSTN/ HFC)
  • Antenna equipment
  • CCTV
  • Smart sensors
  • Promotional Banners
  • Christmas decorations
  • Emergency broadcasting systems

To install equipment on our pole, you will need to obtain a Facilities Access Agreement (FAA). Applications can be made via the FAA enquiry form on our enquiries page General enquiry - United Energy

Keep reading for more information on this process.

Looking to attach a brand-new piece of equipment to our poles?

If you are looking to install equipment that’s never been attached to our network before, we will need to review your plans first. You will need to provide us the following information:

• Documents detailing what the equipment is and where on a pole it will be placed.

• A single line diagram of your electrical components.

• Details of how much electricity (KWH and Amps) the device will consume inclusive of NATA testing reports.

• Specification sheet of the device from the manufacturer.

Reach out to us with your plans via an email to facilitiesaccess@ue.com.au

Expected response time for us to review your new equipment documents is 30 business days.

The Master Agreement

Creating the Master Facilities Access Agreement

Once the business has approved your equipment, a Master Facilities Access Agreement will be created.

This agreement will outline the terms and conditions, responsibilities, liability and any associated actions and costs.

Expected response time is 20 business days, subject to negotiation.


FAA Licence

Once the equipment design is approved and a Master FAA has been established, applications will be required for each individual site where you plan to install equipment on distribution assets. Lodge your application for each site via the FAA enquiry form on our general enquiries page.

To apply for an FAA licence, you will need to prepare the following documents.

Typically for Telecommunication you will need to provide:

  • Antenna Design Documents
  • Site Feasibility assessment
  • RF EME documentation
  • Structural Assessment of the Pole

Typically for all other installations you will need to provide:

  • Design documents detailing what the equipment is and where on the pole it will be placed. Your design will be assessed against the VESI Shared use of Poles code, which sets out the standards for acceptable clearances
  • Map of the proposed asset location
  • Structural Assessment of the Pole Structural engineering report detailing that the pole is structurally sound to house your equipment. Please note wind loading to be measured at 41m/ps and the maximum pole loading allowed is up to 85% of the total capacity
  • Single Line Diagram and load specifications (for electrical assets)

Expected response time for Licencing Applications is 20 Business days.


Time to attach your equipment

Once you have accepted the licence for a specific site, you can proceed to install your equipment and arrange for any power connections (if applicable).

You will need to complete the following.

  • Complete the installation in accordance with the approved licence for the site
  • For sites requiring energization you will need to engage a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) to complete the installation and lodge the connection request via MyEnergy
  • All installations electrical or otherwise need to be installed in accordance with VESI standards


Once your equipment is installed and connected (if applicable) you will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and condition of your equipment. If needed, you are permitted to make an exact change-over of your equipment for maintenance or safety reasons, if you need to change or upgrade to a different piece of equipment you will need to re-apply.

Specialist projects

We are proud to support local council beautification initiatives by enabling artwork projects on our poles, ground-based kiosks or building walls.

Our projects support artists to create commissioned artworks in public spaces, with a focus on Aboriginal and female artists.

Looking to set up a specialist project?

A Facilities Access Agreement is required prior to painting our equipment. You will need to gather the following information:

  • Details of the assets which you wish to utilise for your project.
  • Details of the artwork you are looking to complete.
  • Details of the materials to be used.

Once submitted our team will work with you to make sure that the asset you wish to use is suitable and safe to work around.

Applications for all FAA requirements can be made via the FAA enquiry form on our general enquiries page.