Network reliability

We’re one of the highest performing electricity networks in Australia, based on the Australian Energy Regulator’s annual benchmarking.

We distribute electricity to more than 700,000 customers with greater than 99.99% reliability.

But there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we’re always looking at how we can provide a high-quality service to a growing population in better ways.

Electricity supply reliability

The targets for service reliability that have been agreed with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and are relevant for all forms of powerlines in our region are shown in the following table:

Note: the targets are based on average performance across the network therefore some customers may receive a level of service above or below average results. United Energy is required by section 6.3 of the Electricity Distribution Code to pay compensation to our customers if we fail to meet certain specified service levels.

Reliability Service Level Network Targets for 2024-2025UrbanRural
SAIDI Planned (On average, the number of minutes in a year a customer will experience loss of power due to planned interruptions)73.8173.81
SAIDI Unplanned (On average, the number of minutes in a year a customer will experience loss of power due to unplanned interruptions)42.7131.07
CAIDI (On average, the number of minutes any unplanned interruption is likely to last)6268
SAIFI (On average, the number of times a customer will experience loss of power for longer than one minute due to unplanned interruptions)0.691.92
MAIFI (On average, the number of times a customer will experience loss of power for <=3 minutes due to unplanned interruptions)0.964.2

Guaranteed Service Levels (GSL)

You may be entitled to a GSL payment if we do not meet service standards for supply restoration or reliability. While we make every effort to meet our service guarantees, there may be circumstances where payments are made to our customers.

GSL payments are based on how much time you were without electricity in a year. Payments are automatic and paid quarterly to your retailer who then apply it as a credit to your electricity bill.

The GSL period and payments detailed in the table below apply from 1 July 2024 – 30 June 2025.

**A Major Event Day (MED) is an industry term used to indicate abnormal performance in supply reliability due to events outside our control such as extreme weather and storms. Interruptions that occur on MEDs are not included in restoration of low reliability cumulative GSL payments however, customers may be eligible for MED payment depending on the duration of their outage.

If we are more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment$35
If we do not connect your new electricity supply by the mutually agreed date$80 per day, capped at $400
If in a financial year you experience unplanned interruptions of greater than three minutes
- more than 8 interruptions
- more than 12 interruptions
- more than 24 interruptions

If in a financial year you experience momentary interruptions of up to three minutes
- more than 24 interruptions
- more than 36 interruptions

If in a financial year you experience unplanned sustained interruptions
- more than 18 hours
- more than 30 hours
- more than 60 hours

More than 12 hours unplanned sustained interruption on a Major Event Day**$90
If you are the first to report a faulty streetlight immediately neighbouring your residence, or if you are the proprietor of an immediately neighbouring business, and we do not repair the fault within two business days$25


There are instances where we must interrupt your electricity supply.

Planned interruptions

In order to maintain a high quality electricity distribution network, it is necessary at times to interrupt your electricity supply for planned maintenance or improvement work. We commit to providing you with a minimum of four business days’ notice of any planned interruptions. Important note: we recommend customers who require continuous supply to refer to their emergency plans or make alternative arrangements.

Unplanned interruptions

Interruptions resulting in a loss of electricity supply will occur due to causes beyond our control, such as storms, lightning strikes, animal interferences and/or motor vehicle accidents. In the case of an unplanned interruption or emergency, you should contact our Faults and Emergencies helpdesk on 132 099 (24 hours). For up to date information on outages visit our outage map.

Direction by a regulatory authority

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) may direct us to interrupt the supply of electricity to customers where it is necessary to do so for reasons of public safety and/or the security of the electricity system (known as load shedding).

Compensation and claims

If you’ve experienced loss or damage due to an issue with your power supply, there is a compensation processes for customer claims. You can find out more on the Claims page or by viewing the compensation fact sheet below.

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