Customer Advisory Panel

As electricity distributors for more than 700,000 Victorians, United Energy is committed to working with customers and stakeholders to understand their needs and deliver services they value.

Our independent Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) is designed to assist us in developing our future program of works through collaboration and representation of customer and stakeholder views and preferences.

Keep reading to find out more about our CAP and to understand the important part they play in our decision-making process.

We fully expect our independent CAP will challenge the business to ensure the needs and priorities of customers are reflected in our regulatory proposals.
Tim Rourke - United Energy CEO

The CAP is made up of 10 including an independent Chair. The CAP members each have a longstanding interest in energy but come from various backgrounds, interests, and fields of expertise, to ensure a range of views and perspectives.

CAP with Tim
(L-R) Deputy Chair CAP Hilary Newstead, CitiPower and Powercor CEO Tim Rourke, CAP Chair Philip Cullum

Their collaboration with us allows customer and stakeholder views to be embedded in decision making processes and means new challenges are addressed with customer and stakeholder views at the forefront of proposed solutions.

A significant focus of the CAP will be preparation of the 2026-2031 regulatory proposals, known to us as the Reg Reset. They will have a key role in shaping the proposals, and guide customer research, trials and development of specialised stakeholder-led working groups.

While there are overarching themes of importance to the business, our CAP members and the Chair will also have the opportunity to shape the conversation and the CAP meeting agendas.

Find out more about our Reg Reset and other work our CAP influences by visiting the links below.

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