Urban development

We support urban development by making sure new medium and high density residential or industrial and commercial developments on the UE network have access to safe and reliable power. We also make way for major infrastructure projects to safely proceed in the vicinity of our network assets.

Our services include:

We encourage you to apply for any service early in the development process so we can advise how we can best support you.

United Energy has launched an online connection application service. This service streamlines the connections process and allows you to:

  • submit applications to upgrade, extend, or modify our network to enable supply, including:
    • pit installations
    • new or increased supply
    • public lighting schemes
    • unmetered supply
    • relocating, replacing, or removing assets or equipment
    • providing power to new housing or industrial estates
    • high voltage supply and major projects
    • high level network capacity information for unregistered embedded generation applications
    • embedded generation and battery connections (both registered and unregistered)
  • obtain permits for:
    • No Go Zones
    • high load transport

Once you’ve applied we will contact you to discuss your project needs. We will always initially offer the least-cost solution that meets the technical requirements of the project.

What’s new?

United Energy has a philosophy of continuous improvement. We are always striving to find ways to streamline our processes and support developers in improving the quality of built electrical assets.

Click here to find information on activities we are currently engaged in for the improvement of Contestable Works projects.

Urban development service process

There is some flexibility in how we can deliver our services depending on your project needs.

  • If the project’s design is certain: we can provide you with an offer for design and construction up front, with a Negotiated Connection Contract (NCC) or Recoverable Works Contract (RWC).
  • If the project design is not certain: We will need to establish design certainty first, with a Specification and Design Services Contract (SDSC). Once this step is completed, we will provide you with an offer for final design and construction, with an NCC or RWC.

Types of contracts

  • Specification and Design Services Contract (SDSC): This is the agreement to establish the project’s scope, specifications and carry out preliminary design to remove uncertainty. An SDSC outlines how we will undertake design investigation activities and determine design certainty.
  • Negotiated Connection Contract (NCC): This is the agreement for work required to connect to our distribution network. We issue an NCC for new power supply services (temporary and permanent). This will outline terms and conditions for your project, including what is needed to provide connections to the distribution network, the expected cost, any applicable rebates.
  • Recoverable Works Contract (RWC): This is the agreement for work required to rearrange the existing distribution network. We issue an RWC for abolishments and asset relocations.

Speeding up the process

To enable us to provide these services to you as smoothly as possible, there are some simple things you can do.

  1. Work with a professional to advise your scope
    Before you make your application, we advise working with an engineering consultant, registered electrical contractor or builder to advise on your electrical requirements.
  2. Come to us early
    The earlier you engage us in the development process, the sooner we can start the process and work together to achieve your project milestones.
  3. Provide us any necessary information up front
    This includes letting us know the project’s key milestones, so we can best deliver to your needs.
  4. Apply for multiple services at the same time
    For example, when you apply for a permanent power supply for a development, it’s a good idea to also apply for the temporary power supply. That way, we can work together to align delivery of the temporary power supply with the builders on site start date. In some circumstances there may be savings in considering all components of the project at one time.

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