Vegetation management

Cutting trees around powerlines is important for keeping up the electricity supply to your home. Learn more about why this is, and find answers to some common questions.

Branches falling or flying loose in strong winds can bring down powerlines and cause power outages to your home and community. Sometimes, it can spark grass fires or worse. We work to prevent outages by clearing vegetation each year.

This involves inspecting powerlines annually, prioritising spans between poles in both high and low bushfire risk areas and trimming trees in a way that makes sure they are both safe and healthy. We know trees are important to communities. They often have long histories or stories behind them, so we’ll let you know when we’re coming to your area.

You can also help support community safety and the look of your area by thinking about the types of bushes and trees you plant around powerlines. We’ve compiled a handy guide to help you when planning for private or public garden spaces.

Please see our Vegetation Management Plan for more information about this work including how it complies with the Electricity Safety Act.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is the government agency responsible for electrical safety issues and ensuring electricity companies like us meet our responsibilities around vegetation management. The electricity safety line clearance regulations can be found on the ESV website.

Vegetation No Go Zones

Any work within the Vegetation No Go Zone can only be completed by or on behalf of United Energy by trained and authorised professionals. It is illegal and dangerous for any other person to complete these works within the no go zone.

If you want a tree to be pruned inside the Vegetation No Go Zone, you can apply to have us do by submitting a Vegetation No Go Zone request, and we will give you a quote.

Please see diagram below explaining the current vegetation No Go Zone specifications and requirements to carry out work.

Vegetation no go zone

For private customers, before submitting a Vegetation No Go Zone request we recommend you contact your local council as approval to cut or remove your trees is usually required.

United Energy will only cut vegetation that is inside the Vegetation No Go Zone. Any cutting or removal of vegetation further to this is the responsibility of the land owner. It is recommended you communicate with an arborist to understand all work that will be required.

Cutting trees inside the Vegetation No Go Zone to meet customer needs is a separate task to compliance cutting.

Vegetation No Go Zone FAQs

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Vegetation management FAQs


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