Are you producing more solar than you can use during the day? Or keen to power your home with renewable energy day and night? A home battery can be a great option.

Battery systems are designed to store unused power from solar panels, but they can also be set up to charge from our network.

A home battery can be charged during the day when solar power is plentiful, then help provide the power you need at night. It can also help reduce your electricity bills if you charge the battery via your solar panels and/or the network when power is cheaper, like in the middle of the day.

Getting a battery for your home

To find the best battery for your needs, it's important to do your research. The Solar Victoria and Energy Consumers Australia websites provide resources that could help to inform your decision.

Once you know what battery you’d like to install, you will need to submit an application via myEnergy. This is a mandatory requirement for all micro-embedded generation systems, including small-scale batteries. The application should be made prior to installation and can be submitted by you or a representative, normally your installer.


Connecting your home


Manage your energy costs