If you’ve already got rooftop solar set up, or are thinking about a new system, combining it with a battery is a good way to get the most out of your investment.

Because solar panels only produce electricity during the day, they can’t power your night-time electricity usage on their own. That’s why many people who have solar systems use energy supplied by our network at night.

But if your rooftop solar is generating more energy than you can use during the day, then you can store this energy in a battery. This means it’s available when you need it and you can take advantage of your own renewable electricity at any time of the day or night.

It’s a good idea to seek professional advice and research what’s right for you and your household. The Clean Energy Council has information available on their website that can help you make the right decision.

As part of the launch of our new online connection application service, we are also launching a new mandatory pre-approval service for all micro embedded generation systems (including small-scale batteries) for systems up to 30kVA total inverter capacity at the premises.

Pre-approval requests can be submitted on our online connection application service by customers or their representatives, including solar retailers, accredited solar installers, RECs or LEWs.

We aim to accommodate the export limits requested by most customers. But sometimes, this may not be possible due to network constraints in your neighbourhood. It doesn’t stop you from installing solar for your own self-consumption, however it might make a difference to the size of the system you connect.

It will be quick and easy to apply for, with an outcome received within minutes. It will also:

  • ensure battery exports are fairly and equitably available to all customers
  • ensure customers and their representatives are better informed about network conditions to inform battery system selection
  • improve customer experience with their battery systems by reducing system outages and improving power quality
  • help maintain voltage compliance for all customers in their neighbourhood

Other benefits include:

  • built in validations with Clean Energy Council approved device lists and DERR information to help applicants meet compliance requirements and improve submission accuracy
  • customers, applicants and up to three additional contacts can receive a copy of the pre-approval outcome via email
  • post approval, information will be sent to customers and their representatives to help understand the costs, benefits, and technical requirements for installing their battery system
  • where the approval outcome is lower than applied for, or export is unavailable due to network constraints, when network capacity becomes available UE will send applicants an email inviting them to reapply for pre-approval
  • up to 120 days post approval to complete installation and submit an alteration request

Please make sure that your details are up-to-date with your Retailer, that way, we can keep you both informed of the outcome of the assessment.

RECs/LEWs or accredited solar installers need to advise United Energy of any embedded generation system installation by:

  • submitting an alteration request on the new online connection application service
  • referencing the previously obtained pre-approval number
  • providing details of the embedded generation systems
  • providing a Certificate of Electrical Safety

Click here to register for United Energy’s online connection application service.

To assist you with navigating the new service, we have created supporting materials, which can be found here.

Relevant documents

REC Installer FAQs 2022 UE

REC and solar installer frequently asked questions for pre-approvals for solar, electric vehicle charging units and small-scale batteries.


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Connecting your home

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