Submit a claim

If you have experienced loss or damage due to a supply quality incident, you can make a claim.

As your electrical distributor, we're obligated to provide a quality supply of electricity including providing voltage within the levels set out in the Electrical Distribution Code of Practice.

We're committed to provide a safe and reliable electricity supply, but unexpected events can result in supply quality incidents, like voltage variations. Voltage variations can occur during:

  • A power surge – rapid increase in voltage above the set levels
  • A brown out – reduced voltage below the set levels.

You may be entitled to make a claim if there is damage to your equipment or property as a result of a voltage variation event. To help you through this process, this page outlines what's required to make a claim.

Before you claim: important information

Starting a claim: what's needed

Ready to start your claim?

Claims are made via myEnergy. Login or register and select 'customer resolution centre' to get started.

Tracking your claim

  • Once your claim has been received, we will review our systems and consult with other business areas as part of our investigation.
  • On average, it takes 15 business days to investigate a claim, but complex claims may take longer.
  • If your claim is eligible, we'll email you with an offer.
  • We understand that sometimes the outcome may not meet your expectations. If you believe there are other factors we should consider which were not previously provided, you can request a review.

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