Connecting your home

We provide three types of connections:


For re-energisations we will reconnect your supply on the same business day if the request is received from your electricity retailer before 3pm, or the next business day for requests received after 3pm.

If reconnection is safe and able to be performed remotely via our smart meter communication network, we will reconnect your supply within two hours of a valid request from you or your retailer.

We can still reconnect your supply on the same business day when a request is received between 3pm and 9pm, but an after hours fee may apply. Remote re-energisations are available between 8am and 9pm on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays.

De-energisations occur between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday, with disconnection requests occurring between 9:00am and 2:00pm Monday to Thursday.

Getting help

We always recommend working with a licenced electrician (or Registered Electrical Contractor) or other specialist providers like an energy retailer or solar installer, as they can submit applications on your behalf. Specialist providers can:

  • Organise new connections. They will need to include an Electrical Work Request and a Prescribed Certificate of Electrical Safety to support your application.
  • Turn supply on or off. They will need to let us know of changes to your electricity supply.
  • Abolish electricity supply. They will need to send us the relevant abolishment of electrical supply form.

Any charges associated with these services will appear on your electricity bills, separate from your consumption or network costs. You can find pricing schedules in the documents table below.

Online connection application service

All connections, alterations and abolishment applications must be submitted online via myEnergy. We'll accept and validate your online application before sending it on to your nominated retailer on your behalf.

myEnergy streamlines the connections process and allows you to:

  • submit and track new connections (metered and unmetered supply), alterations, and abolishment applications
  • submit pre-approval for a rooftop solar connection or a small-scale battery (up to 30kVA total inverter capacity at the premises)
  • submit applications for:
    • new supply connections
    • modification to existing supply connections
    • new embedded generation and battery connections (both registered and non-registered as per the National Electricity Rules)
    • modifications to existing embedded generation and battery connections (both registered and non-registered as per the National Electricity Rules)
    • registration of electric vehicle charging units connected to UE network - electric vehicle charging units are currently considered as load connections only that do not have the capability to feed power to the grid.

myEnergy online connection application service

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