Regulatory framework

As an important part of the energy sector, there are several codes and guidelines we must follow.

Codes and guidelines

Electricity distribution is a highly regulated industry, and each year, we comply with a range of licenses, codes and rules. These provide assurance that we are safely delivering the quality of services required in line with regulatory and customer expectations.

The codes and guidelines relate to the economic regulation of our businesses, our reliability, customer service, and health and safety, and include:

Ring fencing

The AER has released a ring fencing guideline to ensure we do not provide an unfair advantage to our related businesses. These guidelines apply to all electricity distribution businesses. The AER identified three areas of potential advantage, which the guideline seeks to restrict:

  • Preventing us from using our revenue to support related businesses.
  • Ensuring we treat all businesses and customers on an equal basis.
  • Ensuring information that we provide to related businesses is also available to other businesses.

In a few specific circumstances, we have sought exemptions (‘ring-fencing waivers’) from some restrictions. This will ensure we can continue to provide services to our customers without disruption.

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