Stay safe near powerlines

Faults & emergencies: 132 099

Stay safe near powerlines

Faults & emergencies: 132 099

We’re all so used to powerlines being part of our neighbourhood landscape that it's sometimes easy to forget they’re there.

Touching powerlines either directly or with another object can result in serious injury or death.

Before you do any work on your house, garden or front lawn, make sure you’re aware of any nearby powerlines, and keep a safe distance.

Follow these tips to stay safe around powerlines

Look up and locate powerlines
Be aware of your surroundings when you or a third party are working around your house and garden. Make sure you know where nearby powerlines are located – as well as the service line leading from a power pole to your home – before you get up on a ladder to clear gutters or paint.

Keep objects away from powerlines
If you’re working with long-handled tools like brooms or rakes – or working with other equipment including ladders, antennas, kites and drones – keep them away from powerlines at all times.

Don’t touch powerlines
Never touch a powerline with any part of your body – even if you think it may not be live.

Stay away from fallen and damaged powerlines
Fallen and damaged powerlines can be deadly. You need to keep well away from them and any objects like fences or trees that may be in contact with the wires. If you see fallen or low hanging powerlines stay at least 10 metres away for your own safety. Always assume a fallen or damaged powerline is live and report it to us right away.
Faults & emergencies: 132 099

Vehicles in contact with fallen or damaged powerlines
If a vehicle is involved in an accident with fallen powerlines, follow those instructions:

  • Call 000 for emergency service and call us for assistance.
  • Never touch the vehicle and stay at least 10 metres away from it.
  • If you're inside the vehicle, stay inside until the powerlines have been safely removed by a dedicated team. Do not attempt to leave the vehicle before the power is disconnected.
  • Trying to leave your vehicle or remove powerlines yourself can be deadly.
  • If you must leave the car because of fire or other hazards, you must never be in contact with the vehicle and the ground at the same time. Jump out of the vehicle as far away as you can, landing with your feet together

If a vehicle accidently hits your overhead house service line, let us know as soon as possible so we can check it to ensure it’s still safe.

Keep trees away from powerlines
When strong winds occur, trees or branches flying and flying loose can bring down powerlines and cause power outages. We work throughout the year to prevent this by clearing vegetation. You can also help by choosing low-growing species or planting trees well away from powerlines.

Stay up to date on power outages

You can keep track of power outages and receive reminders about planned works. Sign up online for SMS or email outage notifications.

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