Connecting your home


Connecting your home

Ready to get connected?

We've got all the information to help you connect a new premise, alter your existing supply or add solar.

For example, you can

  • Organise a new connection - via your Retailer - that doesn’t need any upgrades or alterations to our network**
  • Seek pre-approval for a rooftop solar connection or extend a current request
  • Plan for installing batteries or small wind turbines
  • Apply to your Retailer to turn supply on or off if required during moves
  • Apply with your Retailer to abolish your connection when your home is being relocated or demolished

**A connection request may require the UE network to be upgraded or extended to make supply available for a connection (including the installation of a pit). If your connection does require an upgrade or extension you'll need to follow the processes on the New and upgraded supplies webpage.

We provide three types of connections.

1. Basic connections apply to small to mid-size connections that generally only involve the meter and don’t need any upgrades or alterations to our network. They must also meet the following criteria;

  • There is supply to the premise and only a single point of connection
  • There is no on-sale of electricity to other customers within the premise (ie embedded network)
  • For overhead powerlines: there is no more than 45 metres of powerline extensions from the distribution pole to the premise, and there is a maximum of 20 metres of powerline extensions within the premise boundaries
  • For underground connections: there is an existing pit next to the premise boundary and the pit does not need any upgrades.

2. Standard connections apply when our network doesn't quite reach the property, or houses are in sub-divisions and some semi-rural areas.

3. Negotiated connections are provided to the following customers;

  • Commercial customers (eg real estate developers, large businesses)
  • Industrial customers (eg manufacturers)
  • Residential customers where a network extension or upgrade (‘augmentation’) is required (eg pole to pit or rural supply areas).

For negotiated embedded generation connections (above 30kW), please refer to Negotiated Embedded Generation Connections webpage.

Getting help

We always recommend working with a licenced electrician (or Registered Electrical Contractor) or other specialist providers like an energy retailer or solar installer, as they can submit applications on your behalf. Specialist providers can:

  • Organise new connections. They will need to include an Electrical Work Request and a Prescribed Certificate of Electrical Safety to support your application.
  • Turn supply on or off. They will need to let us know of changes to your electricity supply.
  • Abolish electricity supply. They will need to send us the relevant abolishment of electrical supply form.

Any charges associated with these services will appear on your electricity bills, separate from your consumption or network costs. A list of our scheduled fees and charges is available here.

New digital platform

Stay tuned for an upgrade to our connections process. We are working on a new digital portal which will streamline the process and allow you to see the status of your connection. In the meantime, please find the forms you need in our library and once completed send them to

Documents and resources

United Energy connection policy

This policy outlines the connection services we provide, how connection charges are calculated and the application process.


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Solar and other technologies

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