Smart inverter settings

When installing a rooftop solar system, it is critical that you install an approved smart inverter and set it correctly. From 1 October 2022, there will be a new process requirement to support greater smart inverter compliance.

Inverter non-compliance is one of the biggest causes of solar export constraints on our network. It can cause voltage or power quality issues for surrounding customers.

In October, we introduced a requirement for the submission of inverter commissioning documentation. All solar installations need to submit a commissioning sheet. The sheet is evidence that the installed inverter is compliant with Australian Standards introduced in December 2021.

What's new?

To make the process easier, we're introducing a new feature in ueConnect (myEnergy) from 16 March 2023.

If we need a document to verify your Inverter settings are compliant, you will receive a notification via email or SMS asking you to login to the My Energy Portal. In the portal, select the "complete action" button, and upload your valid documentation.

What are the steps?

Step 1: Once a new system is installed, use the inverter manufacturer’s app or portal to commission the system. Download a copy for step 2.

Step 2: Attach evidence of your commissioning documentation to your Solar Alteration Application. This demonstrates the inverter has been set to “Australian A” and therefore compliant with Australian Standards.

Any of these forms of evidence are accepted:

  • The copy of the commissioning sheet from the inverter manufacturer. Make sure it includes the grid settings and inverter serial number.
  • A photo of the inverter screen showing both the inverter serial number and the grid settings
  • A screenshot of the commissioning process that shows both the inverter serial number and grid settings.

Step 3: We will validate the commissioning evidence at the same time as we check the Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Step 4: Once both the Certificate Of Electrical Safety and Commissioning evidence are validated as compliant, your Solar Alteration Application will be processed, to ensure your customers meter is reprogrammed in order for them to receive their feed-in tariffs.

What's next?

Your application will remain on hold pending upload of the new commissioning documentation and closure of your call to action. Failure to complete this action means your customer will not receive their feed-in tariffs.

Why are we doing this?

Our role as distribution system operator is to make sure all forms of distributed energy resources are integrated safely and seamlessly into our network.

Getting the settings right on all new smart inverter installations is essential. It supports current and future customers to get the most out of their solar PV systems.

We want to work with the solar industry to make this happen. For more information, please contact us at

Correctly installing an inverter

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