Summer Saver


Summer Saver

Become a Summer Saver and get rewarded for using less energy.

If you’ve been invited to join the Summer Saver program, we’ll reward you for temporarily reducing your electricity use when energy demand peaks during the summer. It’s our way of saying thank-you for helping to manage tricky times on the network.

Summer Saver runs from 1 December 2023 until 31 March 2024 and is open for registrations now.

How to register

Visit the registration page and follow the prompts to sign-up.

Before you start, please make sure you have a copy of your electricity bill on hand, as you will be asked to enter your NMI (National Meter Identifier) as well as your name exactly as it appears on your bill. Your NMI can be found on your electricity bill as shown below.

Read our frequently asked questions for more information on the Summer Saver program and the registration process.

Remember the first 1,000 eligible customers to successfully sign-up will score an extra $30 bonus

Earn rewards for using less electricity. It’s easy to do!

Frequently asked questions

The program is subject to terms and conditions that can be found at SummerSaver - T&Cs.

Please consider health impacts when reducing energy use; only participate if it is safe for you to do so. If you or someone in your household is using life support equipment, you cannot take part in this program. *Summer Saver is running in selected areas within the United Energy network; only customers who receive an email or letter from United Energy inviting them to sign up and who can also successfully confirm their eligibility to join via the online United Energy registration form, can participate in the program.

**Reward amounts may vary upon successful participation and the reduction in electricity consumption during those Events. The reward, plus sign-up bonus, will be provided in the form of a digital gift card, which can be redeemed at multiple retailers, after 1 April 2024. Third party digital gift card provider’s terms and conditions will apply. To receive the sign-up bonus, you must remain enrolled in the Summer Saver program until 29 February 2024.

^Before an Event is held, an expected usage amount is calculated for each customer and is used to measure performance and calculate any rewards.


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