What’s happening in my area?

Information on some major projects we are undertaking in our network area

Every five years our business submits a proposal for how we will charge for electricity based on our expected costs and the needs of our customers. Energised 2021–2026 is a statement of our approach to planning for this five year period.

We are committed to achieving the best long-term results for our customers and the network. We don’t want to just tick all the boxes, but strive for excellence in all we do, and to be diligent in keeping the needs and concerns of our customers at the heart of all our plans for the future.

To find more information and have your say visit Talking Electricity.

To view our proposal documents and supporting documents go to the document centre here.

We’re always looking at new ways to use existing technology to meet growing electricity demand. This summer we’re trialling batteries on our network to manage the load at peak times

We’re installing batteries on the network to store excess solar that is generated by households in the local communities of Black Rock and Highett.

The batteries will store excess solar generated during the day and re-distribute it during peak periods to help manage demand during summer’s hottest days.

This trial is the first of its kind in Australia and responds to the changing ways our customers use, store and generate electricity.

Victoria introduced High Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables, which is a heavy duty insulated cable designed to reduce the risk of bushfires being caused by vegetation coming into contact with open cables in heavily vegetated areas, in the late 1980s. This cable has reached the end of its life so has been replaced with a more modern, metallic screened cable.The HV ABC replacement program is now complete.

Year Electricity Supply Zone Residential areas HV ABC length (km)
2015 Dromana Red Hill 4.6
2016 Dromana Dromana, Red Hill, Arthurs Seat, Merricks North 12.5
Doncaster Doncaster, Templestowe 0.4
Frankston South Frankston, Langwarrin 0.2
Hastings Hastings 0.6
Mornington Moorooduc, Red Hill, Merricks North 4.6
Rosebud Main Ridge 7.5
2017 Dromana Red Hill 14.8
Doncaster Templestowe 0.4
Frankston South Baxter 0.2
Hastings Tyabb, Somerville, Bittern, Pearcedale 3.8
Keysborough Keysborough 0.1
Mornington Merricks North, Moorooduc 4.5
Sorrento Sorrento 0.1

Summer Saver is an innovative program which helps share electricity in your community for a few hours, on a few really hot days over summer. By reducing or shifting when you use electricity, Summer Savers not only earn cash back, but also reduce stress on the grid – it’s called demand response.

During summer, many people are using air conditioning, pool pumps, and other appliances placing short, intense periods of pressure on the electricity grid. From 1 December 2019 to 31 March 2020, you can partner with United Energy to reduce electricity demand in your home on Event days for around 3 hours.

We’ll pay you every time you participate in an Event for the full 3 hours! For more information or to see if you qualify, please visit unitedenergy.com.au/summersaver.

The United Energy Summer Saver Program is a voluntary demand response program where you can earn cash for reducing your electricity consumption when asked to do so by the Network.