Future Regulatory Reset

Future planning

Our next regulatory reset is for the period of 1 July 2026 to 30 June 2031.

It is an exciting time as we see an increase in customers changing the way they use, store, share and sell electricity. We expect these changes to accelerate with even more solar uptake, battery storage costs decreasing, and greater electrification of transport, homes and businesses.

This is all in support of state and federal government targets for net zero carbon emissions.

In this context, we need to ensure all forms of customer energy resources (CER) – such as solar, batteries, smart appliances, electric vehicles, and future innovations – can work together efficiently and flexibly in a way that benefits all customers.

We also need to maintain network stability and security and keep costs as low as possible to address cost of living pressures.

As we plan, we are thinking about a range of energy and customer scenarios and exploring these with a wide range of stakeholders.

This will help our forecasting so that we can plan our major projects and service improvements to be delivered during this period.

Our regulatory reset timeline

Work started on our next regulatory proposal in 2021 and will continue until the AER makes its final decision in early 2026. The next stage from July 2026 is when the business plan is delivered.

The first steps were to review feedback from our last regulatory reset process. This has improved how we are aligning our proposal with our company vision, gathering a lot more evidence from customers to support our decision making, providing more transparent information, and ensuring our engagement is inclusive and diverse for all customers to have the opportunity to get involved.

All of this is overseen by our Board and executive.

Our early engagement was purposefully broad and wide to find out about the topics we will dig deeper into during 2023 and 2024. These topics are grouped in four themes that we expect will be increasingly important to our customers as the energy market shifts to more renewable sources of power:

  1. Affordability and equity: keeping network tariffs and charges affordable and fair for all particularly as customers choose to electrify their homes, businesses and vehicles
  2. The energy transformation: how we can enable a clean energy future and the choices made by customers and communities to help reduce carbon emissions
  3. Customer experience: continually improving our customer services and communications and the ease of getting the information they need
  4. Network reliability and resilience: how we improve and sustain electricity services even as severe weather events impact our infrastructure.
Our Regulatory Reset 2026-2031 Engagement Pathway sets out how we communicate with communities.
Our Regulatory Reset 2026-2031 Engagement Pathway sets out how we communicate with communities.

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