Regulatory reset

Our proposed investments, pricing plans and rate of return are approved by the AER every five years and this determines the revenue we can recover from customers. This is called the Electricity Distribution Price Review or EDPR. It is also referred to as a regulatory reset.

We recently gained AER approval for our plans for the five-year period commencing from 1 July 2021.

Through the regulatory process, we’re delivering a vision and plan to 2026 that has taken into consideration extensive input from customers and stakeholders about how they want to use, store and generate power now and into the future.

In fact, we involved 11,000 customers and stakeholders over a three-year process. This has been influential in shaping our proposals.

Regulatory reset documents and resources

UE revised proposal 2021-2026

We’ve taken feedback along with updated analysis, operational learnings and the latest technology to revise our proposal. Read how we will deliver customer outcomes in our revised regulatory proposal

Tariff Structure Statement explanatory document

Provides the reasoning underlying our revised proposed TSS, including how we relied on the feedback we received from our stakeholders.

Customer Service Incentive Scheme

We have listened and collaborated with our customers from across our networks to design a tailored incentive scheme. We are proud to present a CSIS proposal that reflects what customer service

Customer Engagement in BAU

With a goal of ensuring customer needs and priorities are at the centre of what we do we have developed a strategy for continual customer and stakeholder engagement as part of our business

Director Certification

A signed document from Company Secretary Peter Wilkins stating that the key assumptions used for expenditure forecasts are reasonable.

Uncertainty appendix

We cannot control every eventuality. The uncertainty regime under the National Electricity Rules comprises pass-through events, capital expenditure reopeners and contingent projects.

Indicative Pricing Schedule

Improves transparency and predictability of network prices. Actual prices are likely to be different because some elements of the charges are difficult to forecast or are unknown.

Supporting Materials List

A list of supporting documents used in the preparation of our Revised Regulatory Proposal 2021-2026.

Confidentiality Claim Template

Set out in accordance with the AER's Better Regulation Confidentiality Guideline.

Customer Engagement Research Findings June 1 2020

Used in the preparation of our Revised Regulatory Proposal.

Customer Engagement Research Findings July 24 2020

Used in the preparation of our Revised Regulatory Proposal.

Customer Engagement Research Findings August 25 2020

Used in the preparation of our Revised Regulatory Proposal.

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