Simpler online connection application service is live!

We’re delighted to announce that, as part of our commitment to make it easier for you to work with United Energy, we’ve launched our new online connection application service.

This application service replaces and simplifies processes that we know are currently time consuming, paper based and difficult for you. These new services will be easier, faster, and more convenient for you to:

  • submit, track and complete new connections (metered and unmetered supply), alterations, and abolishment applications
  • submit pre-approval for a rooftop solar connection and small scale battery systems (up to 30kVA total inverter capacity at the premises)
  • obtain high-level network capacity information for large scale embedded generation applications (>30kVA and 1MVA)

Direct Submission to United Energy

From now, all new connections, alterations and abolishment applications, must be submitted online directly to United Energy via the new connection application service. You no longer need to submit connections applications on paper forms to Retailers - United Energy will now accept and validate your online application before sending it on to your nominated Retailer on your behalf.

Inflight applications

All connections, alterations or abolishment applications submitted to Retailers prior to Sunday 29 May using the current paper forms will continue to be processed using old processes. You do not need to resubmit your applications in the new online service.

New Pre-Approval Requirement

From go-live on 30 May 2022, all applications for micro embedded generation systems (rooftop solar and small scale battery systems) up to 30kVA total inverter capacity at the premises must obtain pre-approval from United Energy on the new online connections application service before installation. RECs/LEWs or accredited solar installers will need to advise United Energy of any subsequent embedded generation system installation by:

  • submitting an alteration request on the new online connection application service
  • referencing the previously obtained pre-approval number
  • providing details of the embedded generation systems installed
  • providing a Certificate of Electrical Safety

Further Information

To assist you with navigating the new service, we have created supporting materials, which can be found here.

To obtain further information about the new online connections service application, please:

Help and support

Online connection application service supporting documents


Negotiated embedded generation connections