Vegetation and Powerline Clearance

Powerlines on your property are your responsibility

If you have private overhead powerlines and associated poles and other electrical equipment at your property, it is your responsibility to maintain them. As part of this maintenance, we recommend you regularly inspect your private overhead powerlines, ensuring they are well maintained and clear of trees and branches. This maintenance will reduce the possibility of power supply failures, electrocution or fires. We strongly recommend you inspect your private overhead powerlines at least every six months.

Click here to refer to the Private overhead electric lines brochure to gain a clear understanding of the different types of powerlines.

It is important to note that all high voltage lines are owned and managed by UE, even if they cross your property. For both your personal safety, and the safety of the network, please do not attempt any maintenance of high voltage lines. If you are not sure whether your lines are private powerlines or high voltage lines, please contact our customer service desk on 1300 131 689.

To review our Electric Line Clearance Plan, please click here


Why you should keep private overhead powerlines well maintained

The most obvious reason is to ensure a safe supply of power to your property. If injury or property damage occurs due to a lack of maintenance, you could be held liable, resulting in possible litigation.

For further information about legislation and regulations, please refer to the Energy Safe Victoria website. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we thank you for your support in better protecting our community.

Fire Prevention

We are committed to operating our network in full compliance with the requirements of the Act and Regulations administered by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

Due to prevailing weather conditions and country environments conducive to fires, we acknowledge the need to act proactively in designing and operating our assets to minimise the possibility of a fire ignition.

Being an authority in the distribution of electricity, we acknowledge our responsibility to the local community to consider all relevant practical technologies available for fire prevention.

We will mitigate fire risk to the community and the environment from our assets by instilling the following:

  • Use of skilled people and modern technology
  • Continued development and improvement of methods of environmental management of fire safe distribution assets
  • Implementation of training standards to provide the ‘best practice’ management of vegetation
  • Provision of excellent and responsive customer service.

View our Fire Prevention Plan