Solar enablement program

We’re upgrading the local electricity network so more households can export excess solar to share.

Project Outcomes

We are undertaking an extensive program of works to develop our network to enable more customers to connect solar, electric vehicles and batteries.

Rooftop solar is an increasingly popular energy choice for customers wanting to save money or reduce their environmental footprint.

We do not prevent customers from installing rooftop solar. However, we have a responsibility to all our customers to make sure any excess electricity generated by rooftop solar can be safely exported into our network.

Our challenge is to make sure that while accommodating excess energy from rooftop solar, we continue to provide the high standards of reliability and power quality all our customers expect.

As part of our solar enablement program, dedicated field crews will be working on multiple locations across our network to improve the network’s capacity and manage the electrical voltage that flows through the powerlines.

This includes working on the poles and wires to make sure the voltage is well balanced across all powerlines (known as low voltage phase balancing) and changing the settings on major transformers in our zone substation to reduce overall voltage levels (known as transformer tap changes).