Network tariffs and charges

About network tariffs

There are two main tariff components to your electricity bill:

  • A retail component, to recover the purchase cost of energy from the generator
  • A network component, to recover the network costs (both distribution and transmission) of delivering energy to your premises. This is a regulated charge levied by the distribution businesses to which the customer is connected (UE), and by the transmission company that owns the transmission assets (AusNet Services).

Network tariffs are directly charged to your retailer by your distributor. Network tariffs are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and represent the cost component referred to as “Network Use Of System” (NUOS). The NUOS is made up of two principal components – Standard Distribution Use of System (DUOS) and the Transmission Use of System (TUOS) – which are added together.

The DUOS component covers the operations and maintenance cost and investment return on our network assets. These assets include zone substations, distribution lines and distribution transformers.

The TUOS component covers the use of transmission power lines/towers and terminal stations.

For all billing enquiries, please refer to your electricity retailer for assistance. The contact details for your retailer can be found on your electricity bill.

Tariffs and charges

When we receive a request to connect customers to the network (basic or negotiated), there are one-off connection costs and an annual meter cost that we incur and pass onto our customers. The Australian Energy Regulator has approved charges for the services identified in the Summary of UE Schedule of Charges, which includes the following key section:

  • For Alternative Control Services:
    • That are fee-based, the charges are listed for each of the services
    • That are metering services, the charges are listed for each of services
    • That are quoted services, the charges are based on the level of work that is agreed with the customer.
  • For Unregulated Services, Metering Services Charges> 160MWh and Labour Rates the charges are listed for each of the services.

These charges cover our costs for items such as labour, materials, site visits and administration.

Network pricing including tariffs

You can view and download all of our documents relating to network pricing and tariffs here.