Find out how to connect a new premise, alter your existing supply or add embedded generation (eg solar, batteries, wind).

To help with your connection process we have categorised our services:

Basic connections – typically for small to mid-size connections that generally only involve the meter and don’t need any upgrades or alterations to our network.

Negotiated connections – these are for connections where we need to alter, extend or upgrade our network in order to enable a connection or to accommodate the extra load or generation.

Rural-based properties should always confirm supply availability with us. As infrastructure is not always available, you may need a negotiated connection.

Turning on/off your electricity and on-going supply – if you are moving in to or out of a premise, you’ll need to request a change to your electricity supply (energisation). You can also find the terms and conditions that take effect once your premise is energised.

Supply abolishments – permanent removal of your meter and electricity supply.

To obtain more information and the appropriate forms, use the sections below that are relevant to your connection service.

To help you understand your rights and obligations when requesting a new or upgraded connection to our network, please read the information in the Connection policy, tariffs and charges section below.

Basic Connections

Basic connection services are provided to the following customers:

  • Residential
  • Small business customers (with needs that are less than 100 amps per phase)
  • Customers who wish to install solar panels, batteries and/or small wind turbines on their premise (micro embedded generators) with a generating capacity of 30kW or less (max 10kW per phase) (refer to Solar and Other Generation for more information).

These customers must meet the following criteria:

  • There is supply to the premise and only a single point of connection
  • There is no on-sale of electricity to other customers within the premise (ie embedded network)
  • For overhead powerlines: there is no more than 45 metres of powerline extensions from the distribution pole to the premise, and there is a maximum of 20 metres of powerline extensions within the premise boundaries
  • For underground connections: there is an existing pit next to the premise boundary and the pit does not need any upgrades.

How to obtain a Basic Connection

If you meet the above criteria, please follow these steps to obtain a Basic Connection:

Submit connection/alteration application

You and/or your Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) will need to submit a connection/alteration application:

To your retailer of choice for an expedited connection with supply turned on.


Complete the Basic Connection Application and mail it to the address on the form or send it via email to

Applications sent directly to us will result in a connection installed with supply turned off.

All applications require an Electrical Work Request (EWR) form and a Prescribed Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) submitted before we can process your application.

If you would like to install micro embedded generation (eg solar panels, batteries and small wind turbines), you will also need to complete the Micro Embedded Generator Connection Form and submit this with your application.

What Happens Next

If you raised the request through your retailer, they will expedite your connection. Once we have received all the required information and completed documentation, we will complete the connection service and turn on your supply within 10 business days

If you raised the request directly with us and:

  • You have indicated acceptance of the model standing offer on the application form, then the connection will be installed (without supply) within 20 business days


  • You have indicated you require a written offer, then there are additional steps before the connection can be installed without supply. This will result in a longer timeframe.

When applying directly to us, you will need to raise a request with your retailer of choice to have your supply turned on once your meter has been installed.

Terms & Conditions

There are different terms and conditions that apply, depending on the type of service you have requested. If you apply for:

  • The Basic Connection service, you must accept the terms and conditions in our Basic model standing offer
  • The Micro Embedded Generator Connection only, you must accept the terms and conditions in our Basic micro embedded generator model standing offer
  • Both a new connection or a connection alteration and micro embedded generator connection, you must accept the terms and conditions contained in both model standing offers.

If you have requested an expedited Basic Connection service by submitting a connection/alteration application via:

  • Your retailer of choice


  • Directly to us and indicating this on your application

Then it is taken that you have accepted our offer and agreed to all the terms and conditions in the above model standing offers with no written offer required.


Negotiated Connections

Negotiated Connection Services are provided to the following customers:

  • Commercial customers (eg real estate developers, large businesses)
  • Industrial customers (eg manufacturers)
  • Residential customers where a network extension or upgrade (‘augmentation’) is required (eg pole to pit or rural supply areas).

For negotiated embedded generation connections (above 30kW), please refer to Negotiated Embedded Generation Connections webpage.

How to Obtain a Negotiated Connection

If your connection fits the above description, then you require a negotiated connection. You can request a budget estimate or binding offer/quote for your connection in the application form.

Budget estimate: There is no charge for requesting a budget estimate. The offer will provide an indicative range of cost, based on estimated design and customer loading assumptions.

Binding offer / quote: A project fee is required upfront to enable detailed design assessment and preparation of the fixed price offer. This fee is non-refundable and will act as a deposit towards any final contribution needed for connection services. Project fees vary depending on the type and scale of project and can be verified through our customer projects team. Fees should accompany this application if a binding offer is required.

Submit connection/alteration application

You and/or your elected consultant will need to complete the most appropriate connection/alteration application form for the type of connection required from the list below:

Submit the completed form with the project fee (if applicable) as per details provided.

For any embedded generator application, please refer to Negotiated Embedded Generation Connections webpage.

What Happens Next

Step 1: We assess your application

Once we have received your completed application with payment, we will conduct a preliminary assessment to determine and advise you of the type of service required and the work for the proposed connection/alteration.

If the information in your application is incomplete, we may ask you for additional information or we may need to visit your premise to decide the best location for the required work.

Note that under current law, the AER allow us to pass on the site inspection fee, if required, to cover our cost.

Step 2: Offer and Acceptance

Once we have all the information, we will complete the assessment and do our best to make you an Offer for Connection within 65 business days (or within a mutually agreed period). The basis of our charges will be outlined in our offer.

To accept our offer, you will need to sign and return it to us before it lapses as detailed in the offer.

Step 3: Payment and Scheduling of Work

Payment is required prior to works commencing. We will advise you when the agreed works are scheduled to commence. An invoice can be sent prior to payment if requested.

Step 4: Connection to the network

Once the agreed works have been completed (by us or your selected contractor), we will then schedule and complete the required connection according to the agreed time.


Our negotiated connection offers include the price for connection and augmentation works based on prices obtained from our construction service providers and their expert knowledge.

If you wish to undertake the design and/or construction work, please refer to our Tendering Policy for information on how to determine market prices for network connection, augmentation or relocation of network assets.

Terms & Conditions

Before we can provide the service you require, you must read and accept the terms and conditions of the offer.


Turn supply on/off and ongoing supply

You must contact your retailer of choice to request any changes to your supply of electricity. This includes any requests for turning supply on or off due to moving in or out of a premise.

There are standard charges for these services, and they are subject to:

  • The notice time period for the request
  • The type of metering at your premise
  • The method of turning supply on or off that your retailer is approved to request.

If a premise has an existing embedded generation connection and the premise ownership changes, the new owner is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the embedded generation.

Ongoing supply

Once your connection is established, we will provide ongoing electricity supply to you according to the standard supply contract we have with you. This is a deemed standard contract approved by the Regulator. You do not need to sign the contract.

Deemed Standard Connection Contract


Supply abolishment

Abolishing supply (or removing an electricity connection) usually occurs when a building is planned for removal, relocation or demolition. A supply abolishment request results in us removing the electricity meter and overhead service line from the premise. Underground services and other network assets are not removed.

Once the connection has been removed, the National Metering Identifier (NMI) associated with the connection will be retired.

How to obtain a supply abolishment

If you are the premise owner or their authorised agent, then please follow these steps to request a supply abolishment:

Submit abolishment application

You and/or your authorised agent will need to complete the Abolishment of electrical supply (VESI) form and submit it:

  • To your electricity retailer, who will then send it to us


  • To us, if you do not have a retailer, via email to If there is no retailer account, we will then contact you to request payment. Payment is required prior to works commencing.


Connection policy, tariffs & charges

Connection Policy

In the provision of connection services we are a licensed operator and regulated by the National Electricity Rules (NER).

Our Connection Policy provides an outline of our connection services, when connection charges may be payable by customers and how those charges are calculated.

The primary purpose of this connection policy is to inform new customers on how they get connected and how the connection charges are set.

Connection Tariffs & Charges

Basic Connections

We are permitted to charge a once-off connection fee (Summary of UE Schedule of Charges) for specific Basic Connection Services. This covers the cost of providing electricity infrastructure and administration for establishing your connection. It is separate to your retailer’s monthly charge for ongoing electricity supply.

Negotiated Connections

You may be required to pay towards the cost of the connection, extension and augmentation works. This payment is separate to your retailer’s monthly charges for ongoing electricity supply.

These connection charges can vary significantly depending on:

  • The scale and complexity of work required
  • The capacity requested by the customer
  • The location of the development relative to our distribution network.

Our Connection Policy details the basis for calculating these charges.

Network Tariffs

You can find network tariff information on our Tariffs and Charges page.

HV Customer Connections

Please find all information related to HV Customer Connections here.

Connection documents

You can view and download documents relating to connections here.