Frequently Asked Questions

We are sorry to hear that you have an issue with your bill. Unfortunately we are unable to help you directly as your Retailer owns the billing relationship with you. Please contact your Retailer and they can contact us on your behalf if further investigation is required.

As your distributor, we are responsible for owning, operating and maintaining the electricity network that gets the power to your house. The most common reasons for contacting us would be:

  • If there is a power blackout
  • If you notice fallen power lines
  • If trees are too close to power lines
  • Street lights are out
  • An issue in relation to one of our services.

To contact us to call our service line 1300 131 689 or our faults line on 13 20 99 (24 hours).

For all enquiries relating to your bill, connections, disconnections, or getting solar panels connected, please speak to your Retailer.

NMI stands for National Meter Identifier.  It is a unique 11 digit code for your property and can be found on your electricity bill. Predominately the first 4 digits of the NMI start with 6407, 6408 or VEEE. If you have further questions on your NMI contact your retailer.

To safely maintain and upgrade the electricity network, sometimes we have to turn off the power to particular areas. We know how important supply is to our customers and plan our outages to cause as minimal impact as possible.Details of planned interruptions are sent to customers at least four days prior, however in the event of an emergency situation, we may not be able to give you adequate notice.

Information regarding planned interruptions can be found on our Outage page. For more information, please call Customer Enquiries on 1300 131 689.

To help you prepare for a planned outage, we have provided some tips below:

  • Life support systems: If you are on a life support system that requires electricity supply, you should have a contingency plan for any power interruptions (please ensure that you have registered this with your energy retailer)
  • Keeping food safe: Only open fridge and freezer doors when absolutely necessary as this will keep the food and air temperatures colder for longer
  • Electric gates and garage doors: Most systems have an override (key or lever) to allow manual operation during a power outage, check your user manual or contact the manufacturer for instructions. Some systems have battery backup and will continue to operate for a short time
  • Electrical and electronic equipment: Switch off and unplug sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. This may include computers and audio visual equipment. Look for manual override options on any electrical equipment that may restrict access in and out of the house, eg front doors
  • Generators: Use generators with extreme caution and only to power appliances directly. Do not connect the output to the house switchboard or wiring as this can cause a safety risk for our workers
  • Household alarms: Many security alarm systems have temporary back-up batteries that will keep your premises protected for a minimum of four hours if your battery is in good condition. When power is restored, your alarm system should automatically reconnect to mains power. Some alarms will indicate that your power supply was interrupted, but alarm systems are usually not triggered by power outages. Consult your instruction manual or contact your alarm installer or manufacturer for more information
  • Solar power systems: Automatically shut down if mains power goes off and restart when power is restored. For more information including requirement for owners of solar PV and other generating sources, click here to view the Electricity Distribution Code.

Interruptions to your electricity supply are sometimes unavoidable and we know they are inconvenient. For unplanned outages, we will try to have your supply restored within four hours. Depending on the complexity and severity of the issue causing the power outage, sometimes it can also be a lot longer.Our Outage page will have up to date information on the outage in your area. During business hours or widespread outages, you can also follow us on Twitter for updates. If you are currently experiencing an electricity outage that is not displayed on our website, please contact our electrical faults and emergency team on 132 099.

If your address does not have power due to a planned outage, we anticipate power will be back on in the time-frame advised on the notice left at your address.


  1. Check your switchboard and look for any tripped circuit breakers or safety switches. Hopefully it’s just a case of resetting these and your power will return.
  2. If you are still without power, check our outage page for details of interruptions in your area.
  3. If your outage is not listed or if you have further information that would assist our crews, call us on 13 20 99 (24 hours)
  4. Keep clear of any fallen power lines as these should always be treated as live and dangerous.
  5. Check in with your neighbours, particularly those with special needs such as elderly and people with disabilities.

When we receive a request for a new connection or to reconnect the electricity supply to your home from your retailer, we will advise you of the date we have scheduled for the connection. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this scheduling we are unable to advise you of the exact time of the connection. Please contact your retailer for further information.New Connections: We will connect your new premise within 10 business days of receiving a service order from your nominated retailer, provided there are no issues on site. Please ensure there is clear and unhindered access to your property at all times.

Re-energisation: When we receive a request to reconnect the electricity supply to your home by your retailer, we will advise you of the date we have scheduled for the connection. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this scheduling we are unable to advise you of the exact time of the connection.

Please speak to a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) and show the notice to them. They will engage with you to undertake the required activity.  Once the issue is resolved, your retailer will advise us and organise supply to be reconnected.

Please engage a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) to investigate the cause for you.

Click here to report the street light using our online form, or call us on 132 099.

While we maintain the supply to your house, if you have received a defect notice you should contact a Registered Electrical Contractor of your choice to fix the issue.Once the issue is resolved, your Retailer will advise us and arrange supply to be reconnected.

The Victorian Government’s policy states that smart meters are currently and will continue to be, the standard electricity meter for Victoria. The Government intends that all premises will have a smart meter in the long term.Smart meters communicate meter readings directly to electricity distributors, eliminating the need for someone to come out and read meters – whether that is required for each bill, to change electricity retailers or to reconnect power when customers move house. Not only does this reduce fees, but electricity bills will also be more accurate – virtually eliminating estimated bills.

There are a small number of customers in our network who have not exchanged their old legacy meter for a new (and mandated) smart meter. Please visit our electricity meter page for more information.

For a home or premises that does not have a meter installed, contact your retailer to organise a new connection. A registered electrical contractor (electrician) will need to complete an EWR (Electrical Works Request) and provide a Prescribed CES (Certificate of Electrical Safety) to your retailer.

Once your retailer has provided us with the completed forms, we will organise for your connection to be installed and supply turned on. Provided there are no issues on site, we will complete the installation within 10 business days. Please ensure there is clear and unhindered access to your property at all times.

There is a standard charge in addition to a standard meter charge for most basic residential connections such as:

  • New connections
  • Alteration to connections
  • Meter alterations
  • Abolishments
  • Temporary or final relocation of services.

Please see our Summary of Scheduled Charges to find out more.

Altering a connection for a home or premises that already has a meter installed can only be organised through your retailer.

A registered electrical contractor (electrician) must carry out the works on your property. They will also need to complete an EWR (Electrical Works Request) and submit it to your retailer. You retailer will then supply us with the completed form.

Once we have all the required information, we will schedule the next available truck appointment with your electrician.

You will need to contact your retailer to organise having your electricity turned off or on for any home or premise that already has a meter installed.

If you make a request to your retailer for reconnection:

  • Before 3pm on a business day, we will aim to reconnect you on the same day
  • Between 3pm – 9pm, we may still be able to reconnect you on the same day, if you agree to an after-hours charge
  • If same day reconnection is not possible, your reconnection will occur on the next business day for no additional charge.

If you ask your retailer for disconnection, we will disconnect your premises within 2 days of receiving the request, unless another date is specified.

Retailers with facilities to remotely enable meters may reconnect or disconnect your supply in shorter timeframes.

Yes, we need to be aware of any form of generation (including batteries) which may have the ability to export electricity back on to our network. Please see the Micro Embedded Generationpage for further information.

Your meter will need to be reconfigured or changed to a bi directional meter. This means it can measure electricity flowing in and out of your premises (due to your generator).

We do not send formal notification that your connection has been completed. You can check if a meter is installed at the premises or call your retailer to confirm whether your connection has been completed. If you made your request directly to United Energy, please call our Service Desk on 1300 131 689.

Due to the nature of our scheduling, we are unable to call you before we install a meter. If there are access issues, you can request a truck appointment for your new connection. That way, we can inform you of an exact date and time of connection.

Please note that there are additional fees for for truck appointments.