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We serve over 660,000 customers across Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula, across a network of over 209,000 poles and 13,000 kilometres of wires.

Services Offered

Life Support services


UE is advised by electricity retailers if someone within our network is a critical care customer who needs life support equipment. Once we are notified, we register the premises as having life support equipment and will not disconnect the premises from our network, however supply can be lost in the case of a power outage. It is important to note that registering as a critical care customer does not guarantee continuous 24 hour power supply, as unplanned power outages can occur from time to time for reasons outside our control (such as extreme weather events or traffic accidents). Unfortunately these events usually occur without prior notification, however our team members will act immediately and attempt to resolve the supply issue as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you or a loved one require a life support machine, it is the responsibility of your doctor or medical adviser to clearly explain what action you should take if your life support machine stops working. If your doctor or medical adviser has not provided you with this advice, or their information is unclear, please contact them immediately. It is important to us that you understand how best to manage electricity supply issues that may affect your life support equipment.

Meter data requests

UE Customers can gain access to their metering data a number of ways.

Do you have a UE AMI meter and would like to access and monitor your ongoing electricity consumption?

Energy Easy is United Energy’s Data Portal. Once you have completed your registration to Energy Easy you will have access to your electricity meter data 24/7. To access the Registration page please, click here.

If you are the account holder, do you want to access your historical meter data (up to two years)?
If you would like to access your historical meter data, you will need to download and submit a Personal Information Request Form, found in our Document Centre.

Are you requesting meter data on behalf of a UE customer?
If you would like to request meter data on behalf of a UE customer, you will be required to submit a Personal Information Request Form as well as a Metering Data Agent Authorisation form. Both of these forms can be found in our Document Centre.

Retail Customer Guide

This guide should be read together with the metering data reports provided to you.If you requested metering data for a premise with an interval meter, (sometimes referred to as a Type 5 meter, AMI meter or Smart meter), then you will have received two reports, an interval metering data summary report and an interval metering data detailed report. If you have requested metering data for a premise with an accumulation meter, (sometimes referred to as a Type 6 meter or Basic meter), then you will have received a single accumulated metering data summary report. These reports comply with AEMO’s Metering Data Provision Procedures.

At the end of this document is a table containing a general description of terms that may assist you in understanding the terms used in this guide. If you require a more detailed description, you will find the procedures and other information resources on AEMO’s web site.

The Retail Customer Guide can be found in our Document Centre.

Charges may apply
UE may charge for meter data requests where one or more of the following applies:

  • The request is for a business customer with an interval meter and consumes more than 40MWhpa
  • The request is for a residential or small business customer who consumes less than 40MWhpa, where the request is not the first request made within the preceding year
  • The request relates to a period prior to the preceding two years
  • Where NMI standing data is requested

Charges are outlined in the Customer Information Request Form. If you fit the criteria where charges will apply, complete the Payment Advice form and include it to your application. Data collection services will not commence until full payment of the bulk meter data request is received. If you would like to submit a meter data request, contact United Energy customer enquiries on 1300 131 689 to arrange payment (where applicable) and submission of the required forms.

Facilities access

Telecommunication carriers, emergency services, local governments, retail traders associations and many other organisations often apply for the shared use of our assets (most commonly the use of power poles). Applications to use our electricity assets can include Foxtel or Optus cable TV wires, fibre optic cable, mobile antennas, flags, banners, Christmas decorations, signs, security cameras and speakers. Please note that authorisation must be granted prior to the installation of any equipment or material on electricity assets.

All enquiries can be made by clicking here.

SMS outage notifications

We have an automated SMS service available to inform customers about major electricity outages. To register for this service, customers must ensure their mobile phone number is listed with their electricity retailer.

Customers have three options when seeking major outage information:

  1. UE website
  2. 24/7 faults and emergencies line: 132 099
  3. Automated SMS service

Interpreter Service

interpreter_symbol_text_60x60The Australian government, through the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, provides a translating and interpreting service (TIS). The interpreter service is a free translating service for our customers who speak a language other than English. This service is provided 24 hours/7 days a week and is accessible from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. To use this service, please call 131 450.

Energy Easy


The Energy Easy Portal is our online self-service application that can help you manage your electricity usage. The portal allows you to monitor your electricity consumption, connect an In-Home Display and includes a home energy assessment tool.

The Portal provides you with a number of benefits

You can register via the Portal to:

  • Connect your In-Home Display (IHD) to your meter and view your electricity consumption data in real time
  • See your electricity usage in an easy to understand format
  • Access up to 2 years of your historical electricity usage to be able to determine ways to reduce your electricity use
  • Access links to Energy Saving websites.

Click here to find out more.

Energy Easy has now been upgraded to offer improvements in both the registration process and Energy Easy functions.

Registration Process

Step 3 of the Energy Easy registration process now has the option to choose either Residential or Business. Residential registration remains unchanged however the new Business option allows businesses to register with just their business name.

Energy Easy Functions


The new Change/Add function enables you to:

  • Add additional premises to your existing registration
    • This means you no longer need a separate email address for each premise being registered. When adding a new premise, you will still need to complete Registration Step 3 – Personal Details so we can confirm your right to access the information for the premise being added.
  • Retain your data from a previous premise or from the period with a previous retailer
    • This helps you track your energy use patterns over longer time periods as well as from one premise to the next.
    • When viewing this historic data, please note that you will not have access to the following functions: Get Latest Data, Your Devices, Compare & Set Your Target.

The screen header area in the top right will now display the premise address. If you have added additional premises, the address will indicate which premise is being viewed.

Meter Serial Number Display in Electricity View Graphs

You can now view your meter number in the data view box in all data views. This will be useful to users with multiple meters as you will see each meters’ data separately on the Electricity View Graph screen.

By placing the cursor over the bar graph column, the data view box will now have the meter serial numbers with the kWh data displayed next to the meter serial numbers.

Electricity Outages

The Electricity Outages functions on Energy Easy have been removed. Instead Energy Easy will now link directly to the Electricity Outage Page on the UE’s Website.

All the above information regarding the upgrade is available in more detail in the updated Energy Easy Portal User Guide.

If you have any queries regarding the new changes or you would like a copy of the User Guide, please email

Customer Service Committment

Customer Service Commitment

We’re on a journey to create The Intelligent Utility, a future defined by a strong customer focus, an emphasis on safe and reliable energy supply, and the exploration of new technologies. Our customer focus is on delivering:

  • Safe, reliable and cost effective energy supply
  • An effortless experience in dealing with us
  • Information to make energy choices
  • Opportunities to make energy choices

Click here to view our Customer Charter.

Guaranteed Service Levels

Guaranteed Service Levels are as follows;

Guarantee Service Levels (GSL) Payment
If we are more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment $30
If we do not connect your new electricity supply by the mutually agreed date $70 per day, capped at $350
If you are the first to report a faulty streetlight that we are responsible for and we do not
repair it within two business days
If in a calendar year you experience unplanned interruptions of greater than one minute

  • more than 8 interruptions
  • more than 12 interruptions
  • more than 24 interruptions


If in a calendar year you experience momentary interruptions of up to one minute

  • more than 24 interruptions
  • more than 36 interruptions
If in a calendar year you experience unplanned sustained interruptions

  • more than 20 hours
  • more than 30 hours
  • more than 60 hours


Urban feeder interruption more than 12 hours and 20 hours or less of unplanned interruption in a year $80
Rural feeder interruption more than 18 hours and 20 hours or less of unplanned interruption in a year $80

Any credits you are entitled to as part of our service guarantees will be credited to your electricity account via your energy retailer. While we make every effort to meet our service guarantees, there may be circumstances where payments are made to our customers.

We expect that 3,000  customers will be entitled to receive service guarantee payments in 2021/22.

Note: Service guarantee payments do not apply to customer supply interruptions in some circumstances such as planned interruptions, customer supply interruptions due to faults on the transmission network, load shedding or during major weather events as defined by the Australian Energy Regulator.

Electricity supply reliability

We recognise the importance of providing customers with a safe and reliable electricity supply. We are committed to continually improving our network to meet the growing demands of our community, with the safe and reliable supply of electricity to our customers being our highest priority.

Reliability Service Level Network Targets for 2021/22 Urban Rural
SAIDI Planned (On average, the number of minutes in a year a customer will experience loss of power due to planned interruptions) 73.81 73.81
SAIDI Unplanned (On average, the number of minutes in a year a customer will experience loss of power due to unplanned interruptions) 42.7 131.07
CAIDI (On average, the number of minutes any unplanned interruption is likely to last) 62 68
SAIFI (On average, the number of times a customer will experience loss of power for longer than one minute due to unplanned interruptions) 0.69 1.92
MAIFI (On average, the number of times a customer will experience loss of power for <=3 minutes due to unplanned interruptions) 0.96 4.2

United Energy is required by section 6.3 of the Electricity Distribution Code to pay compensation to our customers if we fail to meet certain specified service levels. In 2021/22, United Energy anticipate making 3,000 payments to our customers.

Planned supply interruptions

This continuous improvement will at times require interruptions to your electricity supply due to essential works being conducted to the electricity network.

If a planned outage is to occur in your area, you will receive a Planned Outage Notification in your letter box. This card will provide you with an estimate of when the outage will occur. We make every effort to meet the time frame specified, however weather and site operational conditions may impact works being carried out as planned.
Regulatory Provisions

  • Our Planned Outages are provided for in the Electricity Distribution Code, Section 5 as follows:
  • 3 A distributor’s right to interrupt supply
  • A distributor may interrupt supply at any time for the following reasons:
  • (a) planned maintenance, repair, or augmentation of the distribution system;
  • (e) the installation of a new supply to another customer;
Unplanned supply interruptions

At times, you may experience a loss of electricity without being notified of the outage. These interruptions (known as Unplanned Outages) are an unforeseeable occurrence and are commonly caused by such things as road accidents, animals on lines or extreme weather. If an unplanned outage does occur, we will endeavour to restore power as quickly as possible.

Property reinstatements

When essential electricity works involve disturbing ground surfaces (digging of soil or removal of other soft surfaces or removing concrete and other hard surfaces), we will endeavour to prepare/repair the affected surfaces over a period of time, this is called a reinstatement.

If a reinstatement is required as a result of our works, you will receive a Reinstatement Notification in your letterbox.

Reinstatements are intended to bring the affected surfaces back to as close as is practically possible to original state. Please note that due to age differences, most surfaces will appear different to the original surface, such as the colour of concrete.

Reinstatements can often be conducted by a number of third parties, any questions in regards to the reinstatement should be directed to the contact indicated on your notification card.

All reinstatements are conducted in stages, the following outlines what these stages are and the estimated timeframes for each stage (please note, the details below will differ if the local council is responsible for the reinstatement)

  1. Temporary repairs to disrupted areas (generally completed immediately after works are completed)
    Any debris and/or excess soil will be cleared from the site as soon as practically possible. All holes will be filled and any hard surfaces (concrete, bitumen, paving, etc.) will be temporarily covered over with tar bitumen. This first step in the process allows for the ground to settle before permanent reinstatements occur.
  1. Soft surfaces (normally 2 to 4 weeks)
    Our Service Provider will return when the ground has settled to complete permanent reinstatement of soft surfaces (such as lawns and gardens). Any sunken soil will be topped up, grass seed applied to existing lawn areas and plants/trees replanted (where possible).
  1. Hard Surfaces (normally 6 to 8 weeks)
    Our Service Provider will return to permanently reinstate any final hard surfaces of concrete, asphalt, etc. Please note that while all attempts will be made to reinstate hard surfaces to resemble the original product, there will almost always be a colour difference in the final surface compared to that of the original (due to age).