Health, safety and the environment

Our vision is to create a generative HSE culture where HSE becomes a way of life.

Key principles that help us realise our vision include:

  • Creating a culture and environment where every employee is personally committed to their own health and safety and that of their colleagues and the public
  • Expecting responsible leadership, management, commitment and ownership of HSE issues
  • Establishing a risk-based approach to HSE by having processes and systems to identify, assess and control health and safety risks and ensure continuous improvement in health and safety performance
  • Commitment to reduce business impacts on the environment
  • Creating a learning environment. Training and educating employees, and encouraging them to report hazards and incidents
  • Constantly review HSE policies and procedures for currency, legal compliance, relevance and effectiveness
  • Setting, monitoring and communicating meaningful performance measures for the benefit of our employees and other stakeholders.