Information Pack – HV Customer Connections

This information pack applies to new or existing customers connecting to United Energy’s HV Network (i.e., 11 kV, 22 kV or 66 kV) in accordance with the Victorian Electricity Distributors Service and Installation Rules (SIR).

A number of documents are included as part of this pack, accessible via the links in the drop down list below.

Relevant Standards

The following standards apply to customers connected to United Energy’s HV Network.

Victorian Electricity Distributors Service and Installation Rules

The Blue Book


A customer requiring a supply of electricity at high voltage shall be required to enter into:

  • An Electricity Supply Contract with a Retailer;
  • An agreement with a Metering Coordinator; and
  • An electricity distribution connection agreement, contract or deemed electricity distribution contract.

And where applicable:

Obligations of HV Customers
  • Operation and Maintenance as per the SIR.
  • HV customer to manage their own HV operators or a nominated HV operating company for the site. Site operators to be authorised and trained by an accredited organisation.
  • There should be a HV responsible person for the site (24/7 contact).
  • Site to comply with Blue book requirements.
  • HV customer to develop and maintain up to date HV safety and operating procedures.
  • Maintain HV substations in good order and ensure any malfunction should not create a hazard or interference to United Energy’s distribution network.
  • Submit an application for approval associated with any changes/modifications to the site HV reticulation.
  • Advise United Energy of any transfer of ownership of site.
  • Provide United Energy with information requested in relation to the site HV reticulation. For example:
    • Protection settings
    • SLD
    • CT ratios
    • HV Authorised Contact List
Apply for Isolation – Existing HV customers

Existing HV customers wanting to arrange HV Isolation should email United Energy’s Service Provider on to discuss their specific requirements.

Note that a HV isolation application shall be submitted at least 30 working days prior to the required isolation date. The link to the HV Customer Isolation Application form is below:

HV Customer Isolation Application

Apply for HV Connection

HV Customer Connection Preliminary Inquiry Form: This form is required to be completed by the customer for any preliminary inquiries on HV connections (for example budgetary quotation, options for new connection and modification to existing connections).

UE-FM-2930.1 HV Customer Connection Preliminary Inquiry


HV Customer Connection Application Form: this is a detailed application form to be completed by the customer when requesting alterations to an existing HV connection or requesting a new HV connection. This document also provides guidelines on compliance/design requirements and document submission throughout the connection process.

UE-FM-2930.4 HV Customer Connection Application Form


HV Customer Document Submission Checklist: UE uses this checklist to follow up on project progress and document submission. All items in this checklist need to be provided prior to finalising of the HV connection.

UE-FM-2930.2 HV Customer Document Submission Checklist


HV Customer Authorised Contact List: This form will need to be submitted prior to finalising of the HV connection.

UE-FM-2930.3 HV Customer Authorised Contact List