Over summer 2017/2018, United Energy conducted two programs to better understand how the network can adapt to the changing energy market and consumer trends. The programs – The United Energy Solar Storage Program and United Energy Dynamic Voltage Management System – aim to improve how we operate the network, use our electricity assets and drive value for customers.

The Solar Storage Program

The Solar Storage Program is a residential, “virtual power plant” program designed to understand how rooftop solar PV and storage systems can be used as an alternative to network upgrades and to manage peak demand.

The project goal is to demonstrate the capability and value of the role that household solar systems with storage may play in supporting energy infrastructure. The program of work involved partnering with ARENA to fund and install rooftop solar PV systems using 4.1kW Jinko Panels and 9.8kWh LG Chem batteries with 5kWh Sungrow inverters at 42 customer locations across 10 zone substations. Read more about the program in the interim program report.

Read more about the program in the interim program report here.

United Energy Dynamic Voltage Management System

United Energy also participated in the Australian Market Energy Operator’s Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) panel, providing access to up to 30MW of demand response using voltage control through the network’s smart meters.

This Dynamic Voltage Management System (DVMS) was implemented with the support of ARENA funding and with the intent of rolling out across the entire United Energy network.

DVMS works by gathering voltage data provided from customer smart meters on a zone substation and sending it to a Network Analytics Platform (NAP). The NAP uses preprogramed algorithms to make decisions on optimising the voltages according to the dynamic load pattern and reducing the amount of electricity required. To read more about the project check out the milestone reports.

Demand Response Project Performance Report – Milestone 1

Demand response Project Performance Report – Milestone 2