United Energy is proud to be the only Australian electricity distribution business to be awarded funding under Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s demand response initiative.

ARENA, in partnership with the Australian Government, AEMO, and the NSW Government, have funded projects that will provide reserves for extreme peaks and emergencies from this summer onwards in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

United Energy’s demand response program will remotely reduce the voltage at 47 zone substations and then leverage the existing fleet of smart meters deployed across the distribution network to provide real-time customer voltage data to enable reductions in voltage without compromising supply.

Network Planning and Strategy Manager, Rodney Bray says the program is designed to ease pressure on the electricity grid.

“Thanks to advances in technology and Victoria’s smart meters, we can reduce the voltage across the network by 3% on average to deliver at least 30MW of demand response within 10 minutes when called upon.

“Reducing the voltage by such a small amount means customers will not even be aware it is happening, they won’t have dim lights or notice any change to their supply but the grid as a whole will be less constrained.”