Life Support Services

If we know you rely on a life support system, we will not physically disconnect your power supply.

This does not, however, mean that you will have a continuous power supply, because unplanned outages do happen for reasons beyond our control.

We encourage you to develop a back-up plan in consultation with your doctor or medical adviser to ensure you are well prepared for such an occurrence. Different medical situations require different plans so the first step is to evaluate your circumstances. The following are examples of what could be contained in a back-up plan:

  1. Consider a source of back-up power for your medical equipment such as a battery or generator.
  2. Become familiar with the different power circuits and power points within your home by checking your switchboard or contacting a registered electrician or calling us for technical advice.
  3. Learn what to do if your life support equipment stops.
  4. Consider if it is possible to store back-up equipment in your home such as oxygen bottles.
  5. Ensure your mobile is charged at all times.
  6. Keep a torch with working batteries next to your life support equipment.
  7. Make prior arrangements with a family member or friend to stay with them should you need to vacate your home.
  8. If an unexpected power outage results in a life threatening  situation, call 000 and request an ambulance.

If you have an emergency and you need to talk to us, call United Energy on 1800 500 540.

Supporting your critical needs

Download a copy of United Energy’s guide for customers using a life support machine here. We suggest printing a copy of the brochure and keeping a copy handy (ie. on your fridge).

Electricity and your life support equipment

United Energy have been advised that someone at your premises requires the use of life support equipment.

We have registered your address as having life support equipment and will not physically disconnect your supply as long as you are registered.

While we will not physically disconnect your power, unplanned outages may mean you are left without power or we may need to perform planned maintenance and upgrades. You will be notified at least four business days prior to a planned outage.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee you a continuous supply.

Prepare an action plan for power outages

Your doctor or medical adviser should have already explained what action to take should your life support equipment stop working.

If you have not made plans with your doctor or medical adviser, please work with them to establish an action plan in case of outages.

If you do not have an action plan in place, or if your plan or your doctor’s or medical adviser’s information is unclear please contact them immediately.

Changes to your circumstances

If there are any changes to your circumstances, you must notify us and your electricity retailer.