Network data

There are several rich sources of data that provide access to network capacity and demand details vital for helping your project planning.

Renewable energy mapping

The current electricity load and demand opportunities within our network are available through the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure (AREMI).

Prepared by Energy Networks Australia and the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures, and using information kept updated by networks including United Energy, this map is available online and provides layers of detailed data including available distribution capacity, proposed network investments and new generator connection capacity.

Network planning documents

Load trace data 2021 DAPR

Contains load trace data on a Zone Substation level for 2021.

Transmission Connection Planning Report (TCPR)

A joint report on transmission connection planning in Victoria, prepared by the five Victorian electricity distributors – including United Energy.

2021 Victorian Terminal Station Demand Forecast

Terminal station demand forecast and the causes of differences between these and AEMO’s connection point forecasts for Victoria.

Annual Zone Sub Report 2020 to 2021

Historical load data on a Zone Substation level.

Annual Zone Substation Report 2009 to 2019

Historical load data on a Zone Substation level.

Cranbourne Station terminal electricity supply

This project relates to the transmission connection assets at Cranbourne Terminal Station (CBTS) and as such is subject to a regulatory investment test for transmission (RIT-T).

2021/22 Summer Distribution System Augmentation Program

Inviting proposals from non-network providers for alternative options to our DSS and Summer Saver demand response programs.

United Energy Cost Allocation Method Aug 2020

Shows how we attribute and allocate costs to different areas of our distribution business.

Demand Side Engagement document

Our process for engaging and consulting with non-network service providers and seeking non-network alternatives to our projects.


Registered electrical contractors

Registered electrical contractors

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