As an essential service provider, we continue to support all of our customers through the impacts of COVID-19. Our full resources are available to continue providing you reliable electricity while minimising the impact of necessary works.

Continuing essential work

Planned maintenance is an essential part of how we manage our network. Organised outages allow our crews to safely maintain the network so we can keep delivering reliable power to your homes and businesses.

Cancelling or rescheduling work during Victoria’s lockdowns would increase the risk of unplanned power outages for homes and businesses.

This could also lead to potentially serious community safety concerns, particularly in relation to the lead up to summer and Australia's annual bushfire season.

As an essential service provider, we must continue:

  • addressing faults and urgent maintenance which could threaten the safety of customers.
  • providing electrical services to support infrastructure and construction projects which are sustaining jobs and the economy.
  • undertaking activities to ensure power quality and reliability for commercial and industrial customers.
  • delivering against our bushfire management plan, including asset inspections and replacements in high-risk areas.
  • cutting vegetation close to powerlines that could impact reliability and safety.

Please respect our crews as they work to keep your lights on and prevent the risk of major disruptions. If you have a general enquiry, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 131 689. And to report a fault or service problem, call 132 099.

Keeping our people and your community safe and healthy

Our crews work hard to help ensure you and your local area stays safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Our field teams follow social distancing practices and have taken precautions so they can safely work together.
  • If our contractors need to come to your door, then they will be wearing Zinfra-branded clothing and will have a photo ID displaying the Zinfra brand and ‘UE Authorised Contractor’.
  • Other contractors who work on our network will carry photo ID labelled with ‘UE Authorised Contractor’.
  • Calling cards will be left in letterboxes if we are working in your area.
  • Notifications of any necessary outages will include details on how we work to ensure the safety of our people and communities.
  • We will keep you advised about plans for the work in your area with a follow-up SMS.

We have released advice for customers about how to prepare for power outages and the Victorian Government has issued advice on food safety.

If we need to work on your property, please let us know if anyone in your household is self-isolating due to COVID-19 so our crews can take appropriate precautions.

If you are a customer who relies on electricity to provide vital health support, then please ensure your contact details are updated with our Customer team by emailing

We keep records of any people reliant on life support systems to ensure we do not physically disconnect their power supply. We also let them know of any necessary planned outages so they can have a back-up plan prepared.

Visiting our offices and depots

Due to the Federal Government’s restrictions around public gatherings and when people should leave their homes, we have closed all receptions and front counters across our depots until further notice.

If you need to visit anyone at our offices, please contact them by phone to meet you outside reception. Please ensure appropriate social distancing measures are used throughout your meeting.

Outages and faults

Be prepared for outages

Outages and faults

Report an outage

Report an outage